How to initiate a call from your ViiBE account

If you are already logged into your ViiBE account, then you are ready to start making calls! We’re here to show you how it’s done so you can get started providing immediate assistance to customers and technical support engineers.

ViiBE is the web assistance technology for call centres. Our main goal is to connect two users in a quick and very simple manner.  

What is the ‘One to One’ call?

The ‘One to One’ call allows you to send a call notification to a specific person, using their name or contact details. This option is useful for call centres who want to improve their customer service experience, as well as for technicians who want to collaborate with an expert from a distance.

Calling a specific person through the ‘one to one’ call is an option available to the Administrators, Managers, and Operators. These users can call a specific person from the company list, or call a non-ViiBE user by sending them a link via SMS or email.

Initiate a one-on-one ViiBE call

ViiBE calls can help you provide exceptional customer service. Want additional information about how you can renew your call centre agents’ remote assistance skills with ViiBE? Fill in your name and email below and one of the ViiBE team members will reach out to you.

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