How to annotate a picture on the ViiBE call interface

Did you already learn how to take a snapshot during a call? Now you can learn how to annotate a picture or draw on that snapshot. This can be useful during calls to better guide those receiving assistance. Once you take a high-quality snapshot, you can circle or underline elements in the photo to enhance the troubleshooting process. The ability to visually guide a caller through solving a problem is a useful call centre tool to provide exceptional customer service.

To use this feature while on a ViiBE call, look towards the upper left side of the collaboration interface. Here, you can change how your cursor interacts with documents and screenshots. 

By clicking on the paintbrush icon, you can change from a normal cursor to paint mode. This will allow you to draw directly on the document or picture in the collaboration section of the interface. 

Select paintbrush icon to annotate a picture

Once you have selected paint mode, you may then click on the palette icon. This icon allows you to choose the colour of your annotations. 

Choose color for annotation

You can find the annotation on the above picture from the call by looking for the red circle around the letter “K” on the keyboard and corresponding arrow. 

While this picture doesn’t show any challenges, you can see how the annotation function is very useful for guiding callers towards specific information necessary to troubleshoot their problems. To stop the paint function and return to your normal cursor, click on the navigator arrows icon. 

Select the navigator arrows to move around the picture taken

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