How to share a document during a ViiBE call

While you are providing exceptional customer service during a ViiBE conversation, you may find that in addition to communicating via video, it would be useful to share a document. This could be instructions with pertinent information to solve a problem or even a form that needs to be filled out during a maintenance check. 

Thankfully, one of the many features available to you during a ViiBE call is the ability to easily share documents between call participants. 

To share a document, click on the icon that looks like a plus sign inside of a circle. This can be found on the right side underneath the video feed.

Share a document during a ViiBE call

Select the document that you would like to send and it will immediately show up in the ViiBE conversation space for all participants to reference.

Check out the other conversation interface articles to go more in-depth about each of the functions available during a ViiBE call. 

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