How to use the ViiBE conversation interface

Once you have launched a call, you will find a variety of features available to help you provide or receive remote visual assistance so you can troubleshoot your problems quickly. 

Through the ViiBE conversation interface, experts have many functions available:

  • Experts can see and control the intervention by choosing to analyse the scene via the front or the back camera
  • Experts can project their mouse onto the caller’s interface to offer a dynamic collaboration, to pinpoint specific elements, and to optimise guidance to the caller
  • Experts can take and share high-quality pictures, and both participants can draw on the pictures in real time
  • Experts can share any type of documents (PDF, png, jpeg…) onto which both interlocutors are able to collaborate

Check out the other conversation interface articles to go more in depth about each of the functions available during a ViiBE call.

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