How to take a snapshot during a ViiBE call

Why take a snapshot?

When you are on a ViiBE call guiding the customer or interlocutor through the troubleshooting process, and you would like to direct him or her through the steps of how to solve a problem, you may find that the camera moves too much to give careful instructions. Thankfully, you can take snapshots during your ViiBE call which allows you to continue to provide exceptional customer service and remote visual assistance. 

The quality of these pictures will be based on the quality of the camera of the device being used, so even if the video connection isn’t strong, the quality of the pictures will not be impacted. By taking a snapshot, you will be able to increase collaboration and deliver higher quality remote assistance.

How to take a snapshot?

During a call, on the top, left side of the video interface you will find icons that control the visual and audio aspects of your call. Clicking on the camera icon will allow you to take a snapshot of what is being shown on screen.

Camera button used to take a snapshot

You can take a snapshot from either your camera’s perspective or from the camera of the other caller.

Check out the other conversation interface articles to go more in depth about each of the functions available during a ViiBE call. 

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